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BULLETPROOF CUPID is a Belgium-based production company with a focus on strong but sophisticated stories, live-action films for a broad and mainly younger audience, and international co-productions.

Our creative goal is to tell stories. It doesn’t matter if they come in the shape of a short, a drama
series, a full-length feature or a documentary, we simply like to bring magic to the screen.
The only, but absolute, prerequisite is that it always has to be a good story.


Co-producing with us

belgian incentives

We like to take accountability for, and ownership of, our share of the co-production and look for a like-minded approach towards producing potential projects. We believe involvement at an early stage of the project is key to truly add value to the cooperation.
european co-development

Cooperation is key from the earliest stage and incorporates both creative and financial elements of development in order to create works with a strong international audience potential. Together with our partners, we look for appropriate public, private or European funding.

minority co-production

We have participated successfully in several European co-productions that were supported through Eurimages, and we are open to bilateral or multilateral co-production structures as a minority production partner.

The combination of the Belgian national Tax Shelter and regional and/or European funds makes a strong financial asset in setting up a co-production with Belgium.

national tax shelter

Belgium boasts a variety of attractive audiovisual incentives available to both national and international co-productions.

At a national level, the Tax Shelter offers tax benefits to Belgian companies or enterprises investing in audiovisual productions – short and feature films, TV documentaries and fictional drama.

regional economic funds

The economic funds are aimed at attracting audiovisual activities to the different regions in Belgium and stimulating the domestic audiovisual industry by investing in both national and international projects. The funds are awarded through a selective system based on economic criteria:

Flanders: Screen Flanders
Wallonia: Wallimage
Brussels: Screen Brussels

regional cultural funds

The cultural funds are primarily aimed at supporting locally initiated audiovisual projects at the various stages of the production process but also support international co-productions. The funds are awarded through a selective system based mainly on cultural criteria:

Flemish Community: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
French Community: Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel (CCA)

award winning films

The Rye Horn

Full Production Services

from the heart of Europe

Bulletproof Cupid is also a full-service film and TV production company. We understand creative production, logistics, legal aspects and financing of international feature filmmaking. We offer a broad range of production and location services for film production companies, and matching the scale and budget of a project, we provide an expert team that handles all requirements. We make it happen!

Production services • Line-producing • Production management • Budgeting • Finance planning • Cashflow planning • Accounting • Legal • Crew hire and selection • Unit management • Location services • Location scouting • Location management • Permits • Travel arrangements and accommodation • Transport management • Facilities management • On site coordination and communications • Health & Safety • Security • Insurances • Carnets, visas and any special requirements • Sound stage and studio management • Equipment rentals

some of our service productions

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