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The Rye Horn

A film by Jaione Camborda
1971, Francoist Spain. In the Galician countryside María assists women in childbirth. After an attempt to help a young woman in trouble, she suddenly has to hide from the authorities, leave everything behind and flee the country.
On her perilous journey to Portugal via an old smugglers’ route María encounters female solidarity and realizes that she is not alone and that, thanks to the help of others, she might finally find her freedom.

Skate the City

A film by Lies Van der Auwera
Skater-girl Pippa is determined to claim her place in a city that offers little space to skateboarders. Together with her friend Victoria, she goes into town in search of cool spots for street skating, only to find new signs saying, ‘NO SKATING’. Back home, Pippa and Victoria come up with a plan to reclaim the streets.


A film by Clara Roquet
When Libertad (15) bursts into Nora’s (15) life during her summer holidays, something changes for this naive girl. This new and intense friendship between both girls from very opposite social backgrounds will mark their awakening to adolescence.


A film by Olivier Pairoux
Jim, an 11 year-old prodigy with big ideas, decides to secretly build a hot air balloon to prove to his father that anything is possible when you believe in your dreams.


A film by Lies Van der Auwera
The story of the performing arts in a time of cultural lockdown. At this point, the coronavirus has been raging through Europe for several weeks: the cultural sector is in lockdown and people are sitting at home without any immediate prospects. Seven artists, however, draw resilience from the standstill and quickly switch to an alternative framework. But can politics also do that for the broad cultural sector?


A film by Frederike Migom
Binti was born in the Congo but lives in Belgium with her father. Despite not having any legal documents, she dreams of living a normal life and becoming a famous vlogger like her idol Tatyana.


A film by Roel Reiné
In the year of 754 AD, the legend of the pagan warrior king, Redbad, is born, but so is a new weapon against his people: Christianity. Redbad must ultimately unite a Viking army powerful enough to defeat the seemingly invincible Franks.


A film by Guy Fellemans
Bring it to the People: the Film about the Brussels Jazz Orchestra offers a unique and intimate insight into the work of this world-famous jazz orchestra. The documentary focuses on the constant search for innovation of these prize-winning musicians. We discover how the band was formed 25 years ago in a small jazz club in Brussels and gradually grew into what it is today. Jazz legends such as Joe Lovano and Kenny Werner explain why this orchestra is one of the best in the world.


A film by Meikeminne Clinckspoor
The cityboy Niilas is sent to his mother in Swedish Lapland against his will. The only one succeeding in making contact with him is his new sister Sunnà (Ayla Gáren Audhild P. Nutti). She takes him on a journey in the magical world of the woods where shy Niilas turns into a wild cloudboy.

Out of the Blue into the Black

A film by Alidor Dolfing
17-year-old Flament is stuck in a toilet cabin at a music festival and gets mortally wounded during a heavy storm. Not yet ready to die, he desperately fights time and space.


A film by Dennis Bots
Storm (12), a printer’s son, unwillingly becomes the object of a hunt for an important letter by Marten Luther, during which his father was arrested. Threatened by the Inquisition and aided by Marieke (12), a catholic orphan girl who lives in the underground sewers of Antwerp, Storm is caught in a race against time to save his father from a death as a heretic.

Bloody Marie

A film by Guido van Driel
Marie Wankelmut, once successful graphic novelist, lives in the Amsterdam red-light district. Being a drunk and a loose cannon, she gets into one conflict after another. A horrific sobering incident in the house next door forces her to take action and get her life back on course.


A film by Jacques Servaes
The paradox of the successful, worldly conductor, who makes the centuries-old world of classical music accessible, and the intimate composer feels rather like standing on a delicately balanced pile of rocks. And staying there until the rehearsals are concluded and the concert is about to begin. The conductor goes on stage and moves in front of the orchestra. He lifts his hands in the air… ready to embody music.

Swimsuit 46

A film by Wannes Destoop
Chantal, a chubby girl of twelve, is having a hard time finding her way through life. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and at home she can only turn to her stepfather for support as she doesn’t get along with her mother or stepbrother. Only in the local pool, where she is training intensively for an upcoming swimming competition, does she truly feel at home.