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Bulletproof Cupid is a Belgium based production company with roots in the Anglo-Saxon film industry. One of the partners is a member of the Production Guild of the UK. This means we like to work with the following creative skillset: Screen Skills

More Talent, less Ego

As a production company, we take responsibility and ownership of our projects. We have a thorough understanding of the creative process and well-developed skills to coach screenwriters and directors. First-timers and students are more than welcome, but please, do understand that we are no personal assistants (although we can provide you with one during shooting) and that our job description goes far beyond drafting a funding application for your convenience, that is to say: There is no room for oversized egos. There is, however, plenty of room for diversity, talent, and authenticity. And, oh yes, a good sense of humour is also highly recommended. In Dutch we refer to a “production company” as a “production home” and that’s exactly what we want to be: A home where talent is nurtured in a welcoming and safe environment.

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what kind of projects are we looking for
Without limiting ourselves, we do have a weak spot for female and/or LGBTQIA+ driven stories, projects targeting young audiences and music documentaries.

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If you can relate to the elements above, please, let us know. We are more than happy to meet you.

Note: Do not send us scripts, we prefer to get to know you first, so an email with a few words of who you are and a one-page synopsis of your project would be much more appreciated.