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Bring it to the People: the Film about the Brussels Jazz Orchestra offers a unique and intimate insight into the work of this world-famous jazz orchestra. The documentary focuses on the constant search for innovation of these prize-winning musicians.

We discover how the band was formed 25 years ago in a small jazz club in Brussels and gradually grew into what it is today. Jazz legends such as Joe Lovano and Kenny Werner explain why this orchestra is one of the best in the world.

We join rehearsals with renowned national and international artists such as Bert Joris, Enrico Pieranunzi and Maria Schneider and follow the orchestra on its trips to France, Italy, Vienna and New York, where they are one of the regulars.

We also focus on the artistic dilemmas that some members of the orchestra struggle with. But also the constant search for the perfect interplay that is only achieved when every musician is on the same wavelength.

And then there is the collaboration with urban artists such as DJ Grazzhoppa and rapper Zed. Is it essential to find a younger audience that the orchestra hopes to reach with this, in order to ensure its continued existence?